Industries We Serve


P&R Manufacturing is here to fulfill all your machined steel parts needs in the railroad industry. We have been making replacement parts for major railroads for the last 10 years. Each part is inspected by our quality control department and stamped with our logo for easy identification.

P&R Manufacturing can build new and repair vibrators and workheads, along with individual parts within those categories. Please search our database for a list of parts we have in stock and contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

P&R Manufacturing uses Solid Works 3D modeling and reverse engineering to recreate original equipment manufacturer parts. The material used to make OEM parts is the same or better than the original. P&R Manufacturing parts are completely interchangeable with all OEM parts and we guarantee our parts and components for one year.

P&R Manufacturing currently remanufactures the following components for major railroads:
• 6700 Workheads and Jack Beams
• 6500 Workheads and Jack Beams
• 2900/3300 Workheads
• Mark I, II, III, IV Workheads
• Combo Frames and Clamp Frames
• TKO Clamp Assemblies and Kicker Assemblies
• Tamper Electric and Hydraulic Vibrators
• Jackson Electric and Hydralic Vibrators

Please see our available parts and contact us about a special order or to request a quote.